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World’s Best Translation Pro APP is a fast and accurate offline dictionary. The application can also be used to translate text by voice or handwriting.
U-Dictionary:World’s Best Translation Features: -Over 100,000+ professional translators from all over the world.
Description: U-Dictionary is a fast and powerful dictionary management software. With it you can find words from a given text, as well as translate them from one language to another. There are more features than can be listed here in our description. We have broken down some of the most important features in this app description to give you a basic understanding of what you can do with U-Dictionary.
This is a translation app that provides translation from different languages to a range of other languages. It allows users to look up words by simply scrolling down the screen and tapping a word at random.
U-Dictionary:World’s Best Translation Pro APP is the world’s best translation app which comes with free translations of more than 100 languages, including the ones you don’t know
U-Dictionary:World’s Best Translation Pro APP is the state of the art solution for translating from any language to another in real time. U-Dictionary translates text between more than 180 languages with accurate, human-generated definitions.
U-Dictionary:World’s Best Translation Pro App  is an offline dictionary and translation app that helps you express yourself in any language, and translate any text from English to all 88 languages currently supported, with more coming soon. U-Dictionary supports over 230,000 words tagged for to english tag and includes powerful features like pinky up/down translations, showing original / germanized spelling, menu customization and a smart search bar.

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