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Audible is a premium audio book, podcast and magazine app for Android. Listen to thousands of hours of Audible titles on your device or listen to them on your phone, tablet, and desktop. Listen from anywhere you have—or buy— Internet access.

Audible, the #1 provider of spoken audio and narration digital content, is a product of Amazon. Audible lets you enjoy the perfect blend of great human voices and professionally produced electronic news, sports, and entertainment content.

Audible is pleased to bring you the best in fiction and nonfiction reading. With access to over 175,000 audiobooks and over 2 million podcasts, anywhere you are gets better with Audible on your smartphone or tablet.

The little red book you’re holding is an audiobook, a book whose text has been turned into spoken words and then saved into a digital file. (We tend towards the main characters in ancient and medieval tales.) ›

Audible: audiobooks & podcasts apk is a superb entertainment app with streaming content such as audio books, radio and podcasts. You’ll find access to a huge library of over 180,000+ titles via voice-activated accessibility.

Audible is a digital audio service that streams audiobooks and original audio shows to your device. You can use it to listen to any of over 200,000 titles, or download popular shows like Serial and The Bible. With Audible, you can explore multiple genres in one place, including science fiction, fantasy, horror, romance, memoirs and more. The app also includes reading groups that focus on various topics like politics, history, business and so much more. Audio books from Audible can come from any Kindle Store book or free Audible title you’ve purchased through Amazon.

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