Improve English: Word Game V2.1.2 (Latest) Apk Free For Android

Improve English: Word Game V2.1.2 (Latest) Apk Free For Android

How to improve your English speaking fluency? How to improve spoken English at home? How to improve your English speaking skills quickly at home? How to improve English speaking skills online? How to improve your English writing skills? How to improve English grammar? And there are thousands of more questions like the above. Knudge. It is a plate forum from where you learn and improve English in an easy, interesting, and effective manner.

Improve English: Word Game V2.1.2 (Latest) Apk Free For Android

Improve English – Word Games Apk is the most famous app on the Google play store and most of the downloaders ranked 5 stars on this apk. From this apk, you will learn and improve your vocabulary, English idioms, phrasal verbs, Homonyms/homophones, and common confusing English words.

Current Courses Offered by (English Section) are:

A: Vocabulary Builder: Experts have selected this word, where you will find a flash card for each word with definitions and example sentences, which will help you to improve your vocabulary. In Vocabulary Builder, you will find three sections i.e. Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Intermediate Section: Where you will find 200+ words (A must to improve vocabulary). In this list, you will find Definitions, Synonyms, Antonyms, Memory tips, and Infographics for every word. A good command of these words will help you to achieve high scores in entrance exams like GRE, GMAT, IELTS, and TOEFL.

Advanced Section: In entrance exams, if you want to achieve a high score then you need a good command of high-frequency vocabulary. In the advanced section for every word, you will find definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and infographics.

B: English Idioms: Idioms make your daily conservations more attractive. In the list of idioms, you will learn 250+ idioms.

C: Phrasal Verbs: This section helps you to learn more than the 200 most frequently used phrasal verbs.

D: Common Confusing Words: This section helps you to get rid of the most common blunders in English. The list consists of 200+ Homonyms, Homophones, and other confusing words.

Game Section: In the game section, you will find word games like Mix & Match, Echo, Space Pursuit Game, Jelly Fiz, Fly High, and Reader’s Digest.

Details are mentioned below;

1. Mix & Match: It’s a fun way game, where you build your vocabulary through word games and also improve your reading skills.

2. Echo: It’s a dictation game, which helps to stop making spelling blunders in your writing. This will also help you improve your speaking skills.

3. Space Pursuit Game: An interesting word game to help you improve your writing skills by eliminating the most common blunders in English.

4. Fly High: This helps you to build vocabulary while taking a hot air balloon ride to the sky.

5. Reader’s Digest: Improve reading skills by focusing on speed, accuracy, and comprehension.

6. Jelly Fiz: This section helps you to improve your speaking skills by interestingly learning phrasal verbs.

SALIENT FEATURES OF THIS APK (Taken from developer):

Free of cost distance base learning, boost your brain to learn and retain lessons.

Best vocabulary app to build your vocabulary in a go.

You can learn vocabulary and pronunciation.

You can track your progress.

Vocabulary test, so that you can check your performance.

Flashcards to revise your lessons effectively.

Word a day is a good tool to learn vocabulary daily.

Interesting word games to improve and learn your language skills.

Improve English (Word Game) Apk Details:

Name: Improve English: Word Games

Version: 2.1.2

Offered By: Knudge. me

Size: 9.4 MB